Week 4 Assignment

Yall did a great job last week! We covered a lot, so if you have any questions – especially about OOP – please let me know. Here is your assignment for next week:

1) Find a contributed library that you think is interesting. Download and install it. Take an example sketch and significantly modify it (this means doing much more than changing the color, for example).
2) You must write and include a class in your sketch.
3) Finish setting up Git via terminal/command line and register for an account on Github. Watch Caitlin’s video (the link is in the slides) and practice adding, committing, and pushing to Github. You must post the above sketch onto Github and provide a link to it in your post.

Also, if you find a sketch or project that you think is cool, POST IT!!!! (Category = Inspiration) Remember, sharing is caring :)

Lobster’s tessellate

I chose to make a Lobster stamp.  I spent a good portion of the last weekend reading Processing by Reas and Fry and was looking forward to doing this assignment because after reading so much I felt that I had a much better grasp of what was going on so all day Monday I worked on my Lobster tessellation and made so many different versions of it trying to figure out why I couldn’t stamp multiple lobsters.  In class on Tuesday Alex figured out what I needed to do to complete the class – I was SO close and Thank you, Alex!  So now I have my string of lobsters at the bottom of the ocean!  Next I will incorporate action and arrays.

Here is the Open Processing link

OOP work

Basically my idea is to create a 3D effects sketch in 2D environment. And here is the link.

If you click “DOWN”, small snow will turn to medium snow. And if you click “UP”, it will change to great heavy snow.

Because the size and speed of each piece of snow is different according to its depth. So I use class to make ellipses looks like they are not in the same surface.

And now I’m trying to create more stuffs(like trees, road and so on) to make it more real.

Week 3


I was very frustrated with trouble shooting this hoemwork. I kept getting an error expected Rcurly found ‘*’ and it highlighted a closing curly bracket. It also will not let me export the sketch. I have tried re-writting it 3 different ways. Does anyone have any ideas. The code and sudeo code is below.



//What I want:
//Spots that fall when you hold and click
//background will be circles
//overlay will be lines random within blue color spectrum
//code suto
//I need array of circles (class)
//I need array of lines that overlay circles (class)
//I need circles that move when you push a key or click and hold down
//1) declare global varibles
//2) void setup
//- this should have the background
//- size of sketch
//- construct the object
//3) void draw
//background color
//- display sp the object
//- display class
//4) class (name of class) (new tab)
//5)class (name of class) (new tab)
//*** questions — so if you have a class how do you display it again?


Main File: 

line1 [] firstLine;
line1 [] secondLine;
line1 [] thirdLine;
line1 [] fourthLine;
line1 [] fifthLine;
void setup () {
size (600, 600);
smooth ();
noStroke ();

int numSets = width; // what is this dooing width of array?
firstLine = new line1[numSets];
for (int i=0;i<numSets;i++) {
firstLine[i] = new line1(i * 10, 50, 0.01);

void draw () {
background (0);
for (int i=0; i <width; i++) {
firstLine [i].display();


Class File for Line: 

//** why do i want to float as apposed to giving a direct number

//Delcare : Name the class
class line1 {
float x;
float y;
color lc;
line1(float xPos, float YPos, float xPos, float YPos){
x = xPos;
y = Ypos;
void display() { //functions
line(x, 0, 600, 0);
stroke (random);


Week 3 assignment, classes, objects, and arrays

Hi, ya’ll,

This week, I really wanted to make something cheerful. So I made a Happiness Swirl. Click on any of the items to the right to set your stamp, then click on the picture to stamp that image as many times as you like. You can have any combination of stamps. When you’re done, hit “s” on your keyboard, the stamps will swirl around, and a happy surprise will be revealed.

This is beyond silly, but I do feel more comfortable with objects and arrays than I did before. I wanted to figure out how to add items to an array, in this case, on a mouse-click. I went back and forth a number of times between mousePressed() and mouseClicked(), but finally found this incredibly helpful example from Shiffman, and got a working version. As always, the project started with really unattractive, semi-functional sketches:
Screenshot of early version of sketch