Assignment 3 – Music Player

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- Choose Song and Artist (same as iPhone player)
1. Christina Aguilera – What A Girl Want
2. Bruno Mars – It Will Rain
3. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
- Play / Stop : Control music to play and stop
- Playlists : Go back to main page

I made a music player. First, I made three sections which are: Main (setup page), Artist (picked artist) and Music (picked music). Then I used two classes and an array.  In the Main page, there are three songs listed. When you select a song, it takes you to a page with the Artist and Music. On that page, you can control the buttons to play and pause the song. Playlists button that can take you back to the Main page is located on top of the page.  For this project, it took me a long time to come up with an idea of what I can create using two classes and one array. Once I practice processing and work more with it, I will be able to create more advanced player with multiple playlists and songs (at least more than three songs.)




I tried to use class in my drawing tool.

It was challenge to make buttons for those different drawing.

I was confused to using class but I fully understand Class while I was working with this assignment through several times.

Now I am trying to change buttons as class but since buttons have too many functions and if statement.

I am trying to figure out this button class now.


Follow up from Week 3

I mentioned a few functions and structures that I thought yall might find interesting/helpful


Also, here is a great sketch illustrating some of the fun interactions and animations you can construct using trig. Courtesy of Ben Norskov, Math for Code dorkshop teacher extraordinaire.

And just because it’s freaking AWESOME, check this out:

Week 3 Assignment

Hey yall – apologies for not posting this earlier. Never fear though – you can always look to the syllabus! Here ya go:

1) Code assignment – you can do (a) OR (b):
(a) Make a stamp and create a collage-type artwork with it using OOP. Think Sol LeWitt instruction-based works, or other works involving pattern and repetition. Bonus points for interactivity.

(b) A theme/concept of your own choosing, but you must write at least two classes and create an array of at least one class.

2) Write an instruction set for how people should use your tool. Get creative!
3) Order Ardunio supplies posted on the class blog if you haven’t already!
4) Upload a photo of yourself to your profile (plugin installed!)

As an aside, while you are doing this assignment and wrapping your brains around classes, remember how we built up to creating a class and an object last class. We started with a sketch, then function, then super basic class, then added some more complexity (e.g. movement), and finally got to arrays. I strongly encourage you to take this approach, especially if you are encountering any difficulty…or even if you’re not. It’s good practice and will help you reflect on how you are structuring your code.

Week 3

I wanted to make an interactive flower and assign different pattles to the flower using the OOP.





Assignment 2

Hula Girl – Hula Skirt



I couldn’t do exactly what I wanted to, at first I wanted to create movement with the skirt, sort of like if the Hula Girl was dancing, but I had a hard time trying to make the image of the skirt move, so I decided to make sort of a pendulum movement with lines, but then I had another problem, the start point of the pendulum was on top of the Hula girl, which wasn’t what I wanted, so then, I figured I would make an animated color skirt with lines coming from 2 different random points from an inner and outer radius I defined with a drawing program…

but it was sort of boring, just random color values…. so what I ended up doing was a skirt that you can define the length by adding a really small value to the outer radius, so everytime it draws through the passage of time, it draws slightly larger…. until you’re satisfied with the length, so you can then change the color and decorate the skirt.


Week 2: Time and space

While exploring this project I immediately started by looking up time. While reading about the history of time I learned that the Mayans thought of time, like many societies, as cyclical. This led me to imagine movement, oscillation of particles and other circular elements.

At the end of this process of learning about time I found my self researching space time and homogeneous polynomials. I was really frustrated as the math was very much above me but I decided I wanted to create shapes that would oscillate at an accelerated rate. I did not want to use photos but actual spaces so that eventually I could make the shapes interact with mouse clicks.


Here are some inspiration sketches I viewed.

 Insperation 1 

Inspiration 2 


Here are some beginning sketches and basic suedo code.





The Sketch:



I find that I want to create things that are way more complicated then what my skill base allows for. I hope to continue to work on this sketch so that I can bring it to the place I want it to be. I’m working on breaking down big ideas into small steps so that I can manage and build on each skill.