Assignment 1

Well, up until Bootcamp, I literally had no previous experience coding. However, once I started learning about it I was immediately fascinated by the possibilities¬† and concept of coding. Therefore, I’m hoping CC Lab will give me the opportunity to build on the skills I started to learn. I hope to be able to translate some more of my concepts and ideas into a visual programming language like Processing.

Here’s a link to my Bootcamp final:¬†

In addition to Processing, I hope to really get into Arduino and start to explore the area of physical computing. I’m really interested in the concept of the “Internet of things” and the possibilities the Arduino and microcontrollers open up. More or less, I’m hoping CC Lab will be a place I am able to explore these new concepts and really experiment.


As far as artists and inspiration goes, here’s what I’m into:

Amon Tobin ISAM 2.0:

Samsara: Awesome  movie I watched this weekend. Touched on lots of subjects. Great food for thought and visually incredible. Check out the preview:

Sigur Ros: Possibly one of the best bands ever. If you’ve never heard them you definitely need to check them out! Here’s a preview of the film they made a few years back documenting a series of free concerts they threw when back from tour in Iceland:


Here’s the link to my interactive story: