1st Assignment

What I hope to get out of this class


Since, I did not attend Boot camp, I was worried about I can catch up in this class. I have tried hard to study on processing and I am really interested in coding. I am exciting to make a code and I feel coding is like a mathematic to solve a problem and find a answer. I think seeing others’ code and think how it works is really helpful to understand.  Once a week, through assignments or sharing thoughts, this will great that I study by myself. My plan is spending an hour everyday to study on coding. I also am very exciting to study Arduino.

A link to the work I showed in class today

I just made simple processing code. I used for loop and array to control mouse X coordinate.

A designer that has inspired me…
http://www.bestiario.org/research/videosphere/ by bestiario
In this project, I don’t know what he used but I want to make my own sphere to show connection.

http://thesystemis.com/ by Zachary Lieberman
I like his idea.  it’s very creative and interactive using technology.
Yesyesno, IQfont

Link to my first Assignment