Lalor – First Week Assignment

Here’s a link to the Hip Hop Hero game I presented. Doesn’t seem to work on OpenProcessing, so you’ll have to download to run it.

What I’m trying to get out of this class is the ability to link a similar type of game to a physical controller. Eventually, I want to design a custom controller for the game.

Though not necessarily related in terms of execution, one of the artists I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from is Kehinde Wiley. He’s an artist who specializes in repurposing classical European portraits as portraits of African American men and women. I think the idea of focusing on the Black experience, not only in the U.S. but across the world, is important – at the very least for posterity’s sake. Likewise, I intend to bring hip hop culture into the discussion of design, art and technology, so that future practitioners of hip hop will have new tools for interacting with the culture in unique ways.


And on that note, here is my first week’s assignment.