Initial musings and Storytelling

Here is my:  Final Drawing Tool

I hope to create some really great projects using Arduino.  After this first assignment, code already looks like every other language I have ever studied.  Here is my example:

At a restaurant trying to order cheese in French.

Step 1: “Fromage = cheese” Good!

Hmmm, how do I say, “I want cheese” so I don’t have to bark ‘cheese’ at the waitress?  ”Yo soy fromage?” Wait, no, I just mixed Spanish with French and I think I just said I am cheese anyways.

“J’aime le fromage = I like cheese”  Thats closer.  I think the waitress will understand.  Maybe if I add a hand motion like I’m eating.  Oh, I can add, “J’aime le fromage a manger = I like cheese to eat”  Yes, that even closer.  She will certainly understand!

So I think eating out in France will be a lot more fun once I can just sit with my friends and chat over dinner rather than fretting about how to place an order.  I am really excited about the possibilities and using Arduino but for now I am keeping my pocket dictionary close!

Some Favorite Work/Inspirations:

Here is my storytelling: Assignment 1