Week 1


First is a link to my project I worked on during bootcamp:



I was trying to illustrate an idea I had for a device turning on and turning off other electronic devices. Therefore a created a black background and and little black dotes in the that by calculating the distance from center to radius in the circling bubbles I made the bubbles turn on and turn off the background. Also I wanted life to the bubble so I added sinus to the balls, and gave them a changing “pulsing” movement as well.

What I hope to get out of this class:

I have a background in industrial design, and have carefully touched code a bit – I hope to learn some tools and get some inspiration to develope my ideas, and formulate them. This is a new language for me, but I’m eager to learn.


Inspiration artists I like is Dieter Rahms and Jacob Jensen, both industrial designers using simplicity nature and technology.

Especially Jacob J, challenged technology in the 70′s by using wood, and aluminium together, and creating an art piece and gramophone.