WEEK10-final project description and precedents

Final project description: 

  • I want to construct artificial, small-scale futuristic ecosystem under the scenario when synthetic biotic organisms are largely penetrated in human beings’ daily life.
  • This ecosystem will trigger interactions between human and simulated biotic organisms to raise a discussion of individual bio existence and the ecosystem at a large scale.
  • The interaction between audiences and this project should be indirect, which can echo the key concept for this project- A system that humans are party to, but not sovereign over.

Interaction/systems diagram:

Timeline with milestones: 

week 1 (4/3-4/8)- basic functionality

  • Communication between Arduino and  unity
  • Projection mapping visual test
  • Decision making: materials, project scales
  • Modeling the possible form of plants

week 2 (4/9-4/15)- Prototype

  • robotic plants prototype
  • project set up prototype
  • User test

week 3(4/16-4/22)- Iterations

  • modify the detail based on feedback
  • building circuits

week 4(4/23-4/30)-  Finalize

  • check the detailed implementation of project based on the exhibition place, equipment
  • troubleshooting physical computing part
  • polish the final project form


EPIPHYTE CHAMBER by Philip Beesley

UNMAKEABLELOVE by Sarah Kenderdine & Jeffrey Shaw

petting zoo by minimaforms

sensory desserts by Erika Marthin 

 Synthetic Polleniser  by Michael Candy


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