week 10+11 1st prototype

This prototype is making for my Major Studio final project, I will give a simple intro and a draft to show what I will make in this semester.

design statement:

In order to improve the creativity and imagination of 4th to 8th grades (early adolescence) in the 10-14 years age group, I designed an interactive installation that invites collaborative artwork in a community. Thought the use of a digital pen and Wacom pad, and a sensor that can detect the color of everyday objects, students can simultaneous paint on a large digital screen.

My initial idea of this installation is you can input any color you like, from any objects (use RGB sensor). Then you can create a brush by mix the different geometric figures (use camera sensor). From now I can get the color from the RGB sensor but it’s not that stable, also I met a problem when I use openFrameworks to read the three value (RGB) through Arduino.

Materials list:

RGB sensor






I got a reference from the Our Senses exhibition, as the image show, a user can play with the puzzles and the digital screen will give them an feedback on the result of machine learning. People will enjoy the process of making puzzles plus interacting with the screen. From what I have seen in this installation, people will be more passionate and engage when they can see something reacts to their input.


“The Color of Smell” is an interactive tool project which enables to paint with the smell, it consists of a selection of smells, synthetic and natural, a smell-brush and a mutitouch table top. This project can draw different shapes based on the smell you input from the objects, and this function really inspires me that how to surprise the user. So I want to classify a color input from the user, then different color ranges have a specific brush.



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