Feeling grateful every morning

In this future, people are loosing their ability to remember and connect with their own feelings, therefore it is harder for them to find meaning in their life. In order to help the situation, this audio recorder is a daily reminder for what one’s grateful for.

The recorder and speaker are embedded in one’s pillow. Before going to sleep one records what they are grateful for. Right when one is waking up, the speaker starts playing subtlety the recording from the night before. By hearing what one is grateful for at the same time that one is waking up, it allows connection with one’s feelings at the beginning of the day.

IMG_3866 IMG_3867  IMG_3865

It is very hard to hear the recording in this video. The speaker was ok for when the ear is directly on top of it but not if you are a little bit farther away. The magnet is very powerful but the fabric is very thick for it to vibrate.

(In the second 7 you can hear “Hello, hello”)

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