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FINAL.MemoryBox_ Jaeyoung + Daruswat



A memory box for people who need to be reminded of their beliefs and identities. When a person touches outside the box, the sound and voice will play by showing the images from their memory on what they want to be reminded of. During a person listens to the sound and voice in the box, the images on the memory box will fade away. That means the images are being absorbed as memories to the person.

Final.Video LINK



Reflection + Feed back

We enjoyed working together and were happy with our project in terms of both the technical and aesthetic aspects. In the case of technical aspects, using themocromatic pigments and the sound module worked well.

The one thing we felt not entirely satisfied with was the fact that color changes were insufficient because we might have used too many colors, but this was intended for our concept. Each person has various individual memories to be reminded of, and we tried to represent this visually by using different colors and action paintings to represent passing by many different memories.

Actually, we were thinking about using a distance sensor so that people can hear their memories automatically, not by pressing the button to turn on the sound manually. When someone comes into the space, it would be ready to play, and then it would play when the user touches the dome. However, everything with our project worked well. All the speakers were connected perfectly and the user heard sound when the user played with them.

We got feedback from a student in Paris. We got helpful questions for the future implementation such as how the memory box would recognize a specific person, in terms of the shape of the box, and the way of showing memories. We’ve decided to show the memories with abstract paintings, not specific images using a projector, but if we combine projecting images with paintings, it may be interesting.









P1010276 P1010283 P1010289 P1010294



Recording sound, and listening while people leave their finger print on canvas. When they want to remind themselves, they just come back and listen. The finger print will reveal just while they are listening to the sound. People will receive the memory from hearing, sight and feeling.

Think about people paint for keeping memory about what they see, hear and feel. This painting is the reflection of memory. People will record sound and voice in order to come back to listen in the same time of leaving their fingerprint on the canvas. The color will change to yellow to allow people know that they already put some memory on this canvas. The voice is like a finger print that has been drawn to keep the memory inside. This can remind people who they are and  the memory to visit old place that keep their memory inside. People can come back and leave their new voice and fingerprint before they gone.


Future Lamp

In the future the lamp is not only for lighting the environment, but also for creating personalized environment. The lamp has human's mind. It is just like a buster who likes to explore the world and hear stories. They can learn stories by themselves from internet and narrate that stories to users through the environment they created. 

Kai Cheng

Jaeyoung Ha

Kehui Liu

Daruswat Wattanarojjananikorn







IMG_7943 IMG_7946 IMG_7954


I use head as a switch button for turning on/off, every time someone put this hat on the it will light up. You can wear this hat at night and day time. When you need the light at night you just put the hat on then you will see the light. I use LED strip rap around this hat where it connect to the circuit inside the hat.


Identify myself

Maker – My background is Architecture and because I had to do a lot of 3D models so that it made me like to make physical stuff. As well as I love to build thing by myself.

Designer – I think because I stay in the design field for many years then I can express myself as  designer.

Learner – I am open and ready to learn a new thing also there are many new things happen everyday waiting for us to learn.

Hacker – Because something we cannot create something new and we have to look to other people works to make us understand the process. And it is a short cut to build  something.

Craftsperson – I love to get my hand feel the texture and build a physical thing. Mostly I love to  do wood, paper ad others except yarn. When I was young, we have a class that  every student needed to do knitting but at the time I cannot do it, so my mom did  that for me. From that moment I feel I am quite not get into yarn process.



My favorite tool is CUTTER because when I was studying undergrad, I had to do many architecture models and we don’t have a laser cut to do the pieces for us. So cutter is the most important tool for me. It is easy to use especially this brand, fit for my hand and very sharp. Also I still using it for almost 7 years.


Learning craft in class is very fun for me and because people in class teaching to each other, it make me into the process and not boring. If there is no this teaching process, I might not try to learn by myself for all of the crafts. The thing that frustrating me is we should have more time to learn about the process. It was a starting point to me to know many knows of handcraft that I will not going to learn by myself. I got the idea about each craft which is very good to me. And one more important thing that I gain from those process is if I have to do a serious project about those crafts, I will find someone to help me with that.

InClassWeek3.Verb + Keyboard Hacking

Word “Bounce”

IMG_7493 (1) IMG_7494 (1)





You have to throw the ball in between 2 circle coppers to connect the circuit and light up the light.


Keyboard Hacking 

What I did is hacking a keyboard the left-right button as a controller to play game. You have to step on left to control left and step on the right panel to control right.



IMG_7676 IMG_7677 IMG_7678 IMG_7679




Parallel Circuits + Illustration (week2)

Parallel Circuits

IMG_7406 (1) IMG_7413 (1) IMG_7410 (1)


For this Doggy face, I use conductive tape and conductive ink to connect the power.



I got an inspiration from the cartoon called Detective Conan. This scene is about a boy who disappear because he try to impress his friend by catching firefly. So he is getting into the wood and he can catch one where alone the river. The best place to find the firefly is where it has clear river and many trees around.


IMG_7485 IMG_7475 IMG_7476 IMG_7477 IMG_7480 IMG_7482 IMG_7483

Week 1


Particle engineer Paul Luckham and fashion designer Manel Torres from Imperial College London combined cotton fibres, polymers and a solvent to form a liquid that becomes a fabric when sprayed. The material can be built up in layers to create a garment of your desired thickness and can also be washed and worn again like conventional fabrics.


The idea of creating a new way of textile is very interesting. One is sustainable product because the material itself can be transformed and reused. Once it is transformed, it can be sprayed again and again.  In my perspective, this material makes me amazed that the liquid is sprayed just a seconds on body and then turned into garment which fits to individual person. This material can be another solution when people want to fix their cloths.