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Keyboard Hacking (Week 3)

Dog toy memory keeper

For my keyboard hack, I made a dog toy push/squeeze switch that plays a video of my dog playing with the same toy in the past. My dog is back home in Miami, so I wanted to create an interface that could make me feel like I’m playing with him even though he’s not actually here. The video plays when you squeeze the toy and pauses when you release it.


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Verb Switch (Week 3 – In Class)

VERB: Drop

I created a switch that lights an LED using the verb “drop”. Conductive thread connects the positive side of a coin cell battery to the anode/positive leg of an LED. The cathode/negative negative leg of the LED is connected to a sheet of copper fabric on the ground. When the coin cell battery is dropped onto the copper fabric, the circuit is completed and the LED is turned on. The battery functions as a weight to improve drop accuracy in addition to being the circuit’s power source.


  • Coin cell battery x1
  • LED x1
  • Conductive thread
  • Copper fabric
  • Tape