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Final Project Documentation + Instructables

I was very inspired after our final presentation, and decided to re-make my headphones based on the wonderful critique I received. The new design uses the fabric of the headband as the foundation of the speaker to create a more integrated design. I also made the coil a visual focal point by exposing it on the exterior of the headband.

Here are the links to my original post & updated Instructables

Final Process Documentation:

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Behavior Story_Wave

Behavior Story_Wave

On his first day of  fifth grade, Bob, decided that he was finally going to say hello to his kindergarten crush, Beca. The only problem was that Bob was so shy he could never muster the courage to actually speak to Beca. So, Bob did what Bob does best, and built a waving robot to do the talking for him.

Unfortunately, when he used it at school Tess, the girl sitting in front of Beca, thought the wave was meant for her. Tess walked over and  started talking to Bob….and never stopped. The two lived awkwardly ever after.

  •  Mini Servo Motor
  •  Potentiometer
  •  Copper tape
  •  Wires
  •  Arduino



Week 5_Self Reflection

At this stage in my life, the words I use to classify myself are constantly changing. However, there are a few titles that are simply a part of who I am no matter what.

Maker – I’ve been a maker my entire life and have the ugly hands to prove it. Also, during my time in the School of Building Arts at SCAD I was able to take my interests further and fell in love with everything from woodworking to digital fabrication.

Designer – I consider myself a designer because the intention of most of my work is to solve a problem, and to create a symbiotic relationship between form and function.

Learner -. I may not have realized it until college, but learning is awesome. Whether it’s from a book, a TED talk, or experience learning is invaluable to me.

Fixer – If it’s broken call me and I’ll fix it!

There are many tools that on any given day I consider my favorite however, I always have a bottle of Loctite Super Glue Gel Control. I have tried almost every kind of glue out there and this one is by far the best. It dries quickly, but you still have a small window to make adjustments. It is completely clear, and doesn’t get cloudy. It’s very strong, and I’ve yet to find a material that it doesn’t work well with. Unlike traditional super glue it’s a gel, not a liquid, therefore it doesn’t run in places you don’t want it to. This combined with the bottle’s side squeeze design make it extremely easy to control.

In a nutshell….it’s amazing.


The new craft project was a great experience. Not only did I enjoy learning how to crochet with Max and Bina, but also from the other group presentations. I particularly liked the repetitive nature of crocheting and how fast it is, especially when compared to knitting. This makes the overall process very soothing and satisfying. Next time, however, I would use wool yarn, as opposed to cotton, because the strands have a tendency to unravel making it hard to pull the hook through. I would also use a crochet hook with a longer shaft because it would be easier to hold and keep proper tension on the yarn.

Though I really did appreciate all of the group presentations, I found sewing the most intriguing. I grew up seeing my mother sew and have a bit of experience myself, but I always get annoyed with the machine and give up. I have never seen a machine like the one used in class, and look forward to trying it out.