Identify myself

Maker – My background is Architecture and because I had to do a lot of 3D models so that it made me like to make physical stuff. As well as I love to build thing by myself.

Designer – I think because I stay in the design field for many years then I can express myself as  designer.

Learner – I am open and ready to learn a new thing also there are many new things happen everyday waiting for us to learn.

Hacker – Because something we cannot create something new and we have to look to other people works to make us understand the process. And it is a short cut to build  something.

Craftsperson – I love to get my hand feel the texture and build a physical thing. Mostly I love to  do wood, paper ad others except yarn. When I was young, we have a class that  every student needed to do knitting but at the time I cannot do it, so my mom did  that for me. From that moment I feel I am quite not get into yarn process.



My favorite tool is CUTTER because when I was studying undergrad, I had to do many architecture models and we don’t have a laser cut to do the pieces for us. So cutter is the most important tool for me. It is easy to use especially this brand, fit for my hand and very sharp. Also I still using it for almost 7 years.


Learning craft in class is very fun for me and because people in class teaching to each other, it make me into the process and not boring. If there is no this teaching process, I might not try to learn by myself for all of the crafts. The thing that frustrating me is we should have more time to learn about the process. It was a starting point to me to know many knows of handcraft that I will not going to learn by myself. I got the idea about each craft which is very good to me. And one more important thing that I gain from those process is if I have to do a serious project about those crafts, I will find someone to help me with that.

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