[Memory] Hypnosis Memory Therapy



 Hypnosis Memory Therapy – Group Project

Group Member: Taylor; Binna; Max.


This machine is used to alter people’s memory in the future. Using Hypnosis Therapy to edit certain memories. Transforming bad memories into good ones. And vise versa.

User would think of a certain memory they want to edit and gaze into the revolving Hypnosis image, then their memory would be altered.

It will be used in therapy sessions as well as purchased by individuals to use at home.


Thermochromic pigment; Flexinol.


  1. Attempt 1 – Theromochromic 


  • Revolving Images – Two overlapping thermochromic pigment circles (Red & Blue) dissolve into each other.


  • Heat Hypnosis Spiral -Beneath the revolving images is Spiral Shaped Flexinol. Apply Heat to it will show the spiral on the two images.


2. Attempt 2 – Motion – Flexinol 

  • Flexinol Pulley – Prototype 1 

prototype 1

  • Flexinol Pulley – Prototype

prototype 2

  • Flexinol Pulley – Prototype 3

prototype 3




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