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[Final] heat sensitive wristbands- Juno

For the final, I was thinking to make something out of my interests. I actively participate into music venues and shows which involve with not only music but also other elements of making a  memorable show. I use the materials I learn from this class and try to create a few and see how it works.


Comp Craft



Final Project Proposal

Here’s my proposal for today:


In our group we discussed ways to reverse the thermochromic reaction. Since I’m looking to create a shading device, I want the shading material to become more opaque as the light/heat increases. To do this, we either thought I could run current through the fabric and have it shut off when a temperature sensor reached a certain high temperature, or that I should look for a material that behaves the way I want to begin with!

There is a way to reverse the thermocromic process and make it a film, which is used in thermochromic windows that remind me of those transition lenses people used to wear, where they looked like regular glasses when they are indoors, but when they went out into the sun they became sunglasses!

This is the effect I’m looking for, but I’m not sure how to duplicate it myself: (@55 sec)



I’m interested in the affects of the muscle wire on textiles, which is always easier to measure on a grid, so I used a sample of a linked metal mesh to test it. I laid out the wire into 3 connected segments.



I just tested it with a battery, I assumed correctly that the mesh was a bit too heavy for the wire to really move, but it did twitch a bit!




Thermochromic Ink

I was really interested in creating more of a volume with the thermocromic ink, so I tried mixing it with bioplastic

4 Tbsp. water
1 tsp. gylcerin
1 tsp. white vinegar
1 Tbsp. corn starch

Combine ingredients in a sauce pan and cook over medium high heat until the mixture becomes clear and begins to bubble. Mixture will be more solid them liquid. Spread onto a silicone sheet or tinfoil in a thin even layer. Let cool for a few hours.


I think I let the bioplastic cool too long before pouring it onto the plastic and ink powder, so it didn’t spread as evenly. It still reacts to the heat, but I’m hoping for something more dramatic and spacial. I’m hoping to do something related to shading devices and maybe making it deployable for the final project which relates to my thesis of textiles in/as/in architecture.


HW arduino+conductiveThread+button


my HW for using arduino, conductive thread and ink and a button.


a statement for the piece,

“there are times that we want to look tough, but the more you want to look tough, we actually are very fragile than usual. ”

tough and powerful rose on top



when you apply heat,



fragile flower reveals.



arduino + button + conductive thread


it works!


Thermochromic Pigment

For this project, I decided to have the message revealed to be raise awareness about the importance of organ donation. The fact that someone has to push a button to see the message symbolizes the effect of individual contribution. I mixed thermochromic pigment with blue acrylic and painted over the message I wrote on a piece of canvas. I sewed around the words with conductive thread and stitched it to a shirt. After connecting the circuit I did not see any result but I am not sure exactly where the error is.