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Week 2 – Miri Park – In Class Circuit & HW Illustration Circuit


In class assignment: parallel circuit with different materials!


Homework: Illustration of a passage, integrating a circuit.





I chose to illustrate a stanza of a song, titled “Lost in Space” by Hyboid. Among the beautiful word choices and imageries that the song includes, the line that stands out to me most evokes an imagery of three distinct states or stages of life, which I interpret to be childhood, adult, and elderly. The “magic man” warns that your third cycle of life is the last cycle, after which there is nothing, only death. I felt it was appropriate to illustrate the three stages as three different colors, and symbolize life with light. The circular layout also fits in very well with how a circuit completes, and allows for freedom with conductive thread on the canvas fabric of the painting.

Week 1 – Miri Park – Monkey Business

This installation, titled Monkey Business, is an inspirational project that relates to my interests. A robotic soft toy monkey hangs from a wall and responds to the the viewer’s bodily movements by mimicking them in an awkward yet humorous way. I am interested in this installation because of the playful quality of interactive toys, and the possibility of what actions they may inspire in people and the ideas they may inspire in creators. I would really like to work with soft materials to integrate computational interactivity with physical materials that are inviting to touch and play with. Giving created objects a personality and the semblance of life is something I would like to pursue throughout this class and the rest of my MFADT studies.