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Speaker Attempts


The first attempt was made using copper tape on paper in a mountain-ish design.  This one didn’t end up working.  I’m guessing this was caused by too many separate strips of copper tape.  The second attempt, made with Xiaoqi was made of paper with strips cut either side (not pictured).  In each of these cuts, conductive thread was wrapped around.  This created a very subtle sound, yet was much easier to create than the copper tape speaker.  The final one I made was created using a small bag in which the magnets were placed, with conductive thread wrapped generously around it.  This one worked the best, which is funny, because I didn’t realize I was using an anti-static bag.  It would seem as though static electricity and electromagnetic forces might not interfere too much.

IMG_20141104_185246 (1)


Final Proposal




Originally inspired by the possibilities for speaker design with copper tape, I started thinking about different ways to make this interesting.  My first thought was to make a laser cut enclosure with a magnet in the center, separated by transparent plexi from some sort of conductive material coiled around the outside.  I considered having this either float in a liquid or possibly some kind of light material, such as popcorn or packing peanuts.  I thought it also might be interesting to see what would happen with iron filaments in there as well, whether they would be able to visualize the oscillating magnetic forces involved.  Discussing it with my peers, I was reminded of the capacitive sensing we did earlier in the course and was also referred to this project.  Perhaps it will become some kind of theremin, which could be interesting, but would be challenging to institute an original take on.

IMG_20141118_200920 IMG_20141118_200948

Thermochromic Ink

In playing with thermochromic ink, I noticed the black pigment disappeared and never came back after drying it with the heat gun.  To reset the color, I had to put it in the kitchen fridge.  Perhaps the threshold is too low for this setting.

IMG_20141104_212348 IMG_20141104_212400

Midterm Concept

My original concept was the create a laser lamp, shot through a liquid container.  However, I had bad luck in the original execution and am now using a circuit based on “Newton’s Cradle.”  I’ll just ordered one for the balls and then I’ll probably laser cut the rest of the structure.



Emotion Influencing Box

This “emotion influencing box” has a few different settings, the default being a startling red alert, which can be switched to something more calming and peaceful by rotating the dial.  The wires inside are only used to directly connect the nano pins to the copper tape.


sensor materials

I decided to go about testing distance with various materials.  The first material I used was velostat.  I taped a strip to a ruler with electrical tape and connected on end to a battery and led, with the other end connected through a paperclip.  the distance was also measurable on the other side.  As I had anticipated, this material produced the largest change in resistance by distance.

Next, I tried copper tape.  Testing the 3 different lengths proved negligible to the LED.

The third was the copper colored conductive material.  The change in brightness also seemed negligible.  Although the increased distance seemed to actually be a  bit brighter, I’m assuming any differences were circumstantial.