Temperature Inks

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I tried painting various strands of thread with the different combinations of ink. It become more messy then actually functional.  

Exploration of Speakers

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Below you will see the various exploration into the world of speakers. I tried various different speakers and ways to amplify the sound. The recorder was great. The loudest speakers was using large magnets, durlar paper which had a simple stiffness to it and copper tape. Other speakers using gold paint, wood, bare did not…

Assignment 4 (Sensors)

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For this assignment we were tasked at exploring the use of soft circuit materials as a sensor. To try to get a gradient and use multiple materials. This is an example of using conductive fabric.   IMG 2963 from Kristen Kersh on Vimeo.     Here is as cap sensing project working with graphite and…

Final – Wrap Beats

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Here is my presentation: STRINGSING And here is my Instructable I’m also putting together a video, but It and I are not currently getting along! But I will post once it’s done :)

Final: Thermochromic Silkscreening

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Prototype 3-4 Presentation DIAZ This is part of my thesis project using thermochromic pigment to silkscreen receipts.  The use of the pigment is to portray an image of a subject on the back of the receipt, over narrative text.  The idea is that when the image of the subject is touched, the image fades and…

Final Project- Dual Identity

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Dual Identity Amidst the Internet consumption that boomed significantly in our lives in the past recent decades, the power of Social Media has become an essential element for our survival as social beings. A whole new realm opened up different means of communication where people can connect and share information in a virtual environment, which became…

Final: Book Art with Arduino

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This tunnel book reveals a story based on my true life and feeling. I started studying abroad in 2006 and stayed away from my family for 7 years. Since I moved to New York last summer, I felt that nobody was around me and being alone. One day, I saw full moon on my way…