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Paper Generators

Nov 11, 2013 by Liza // Leave a Comment

Disney really does make magic happen! :) Disney Research, Pittsburgh We present a new energy harvesting technology that generates electrical energy from a user’s interactions with paper-like materials. The energy harvesters are flexible, light, and inexpensive, and they utilize a user’s gestures such as tapping, touching, rubbing and sliding to generate energy. The harvested energy…

Nitinol Projects

Nov 5, 2013 by Liza // Leave a Comment

Shutters Project by Marcelo Coelho Robotany project by Jill Coffin, John Taylor, and Daniel Bauen I/O Self-Folding Paper by Jie Qi Animated Vines by Jie Qi Shape-Changing Surface by Alice Bodanzky

Midterm Idea & Process

Oct 13, 2013 by Billy Ryu // Leave a Comment

For my midterm project, I would like to create a simple circuit without Arduino. I will make a simple lamp with soft circuit that operates with 3v batteries. My idea for midterm comes from my hobby and interest. Baseball is my favorite sports since I was young, and I often go to baseball stadium to…