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Final: Book Art with Arduino

Dec 17, 2013 by Billy Ryu // Leave a Comment

This tunnel book reveals a story based on my true life and feeling. I started studying abroad in 2006 and stayed away from my family for 7 years. Since I moved to New York last summer, I felt that nobody was around me and being alone. One day, I saw full moon on my way…

Week 12 – Flexinol Trial

Dec 17, 2013 by Billy Ryu // Leave a Comment

  I made a circuit with flexinol wire that detects heat from Arduino. Copied the code into Arduino Uno and connected it to the circuit. The red paint on the paper was a thermochromic ink we studied in class. That color was supposed to be transparent when it got heat via flexinol wore. However, mine…

Week 10: Thermochromic Ink

Nov 5, 2013 by Billy Ryu // Leave a Comment

  I made five palettes with thermochronic inks. I mixed Thermochromic powder or ink with acrylic base and demonstrated on paper. 4 of 5 worked well when I put my hand on them. Only one with blue ink didn’t work at all. My inspiration came from here. Poster series by Amanda Keenan has a…

Week 9: Speaker

Nov 5, 2013 by Billy Ryu // Leave a Comment

  Made a speaker without any wires. Only used soft materials. By the way, my circuits still get hot and smell like burning when I connect them with 3v batteries. I wonder why it happens and I’m trying to figure out.

Midterm Idea & Process

Oct 13, 2013 by Billy Ryu // Leave a Comment

For my midterm project, I would like to create a simple circuit without Arduino. I will make a simple lamp with soft circuit that operates with 3v batteries. My idea for midterm comes from my hobby and interest. Baseball is my favorite sports since I was young, and I often go to baseball stadium to…

Week 4 – Potentiometer Sensor

Sep 24, 2013 by Billy Ryu // Leave a Comment Here’s the sensor I tried. I made a potentiometer sensor with conductive ink and copper tape. The sensor pretty worked when I tried it.

Week 3 – Folding & Switch

Sep 24, 2013 by Billy Ryu // Leave a Comment

For week 3 assignment, I quickly made a simple switch with folding paper. I used one of origami methods called Tetratetraflexagon. This is one way of flexagon origami which has four faces and four sides. I’ve tried this when I took a book arts class at my undergraduate school. There are many different types of…

Week 2 – Two circuits and Illustration project

Sep 10, 2013 by Billy Ryu // Leave a Comment

Assignment 1 I made two different circuits by using two different materials. Left one is serial circuit made by conductive tapes, and the other one is a parallel circuit with conductive ink.   Assignment 2   For this project, I chose a Japanese comic book titled Dragon Ball. Following drawing is designed by me using…