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Final: Thermochromic Silkscreening

Dec 18, 2013 by diazc090 // Leave a Comment

Prototype 3-4 Presentation DIAZ This is part of my thesis project using thermochromic pigment to silkscreen receipts.  The use of the pigment is to portray an image of a subject on the back of the receipt, over narrative text.  The idea is that when the image of the subject is touched, the image fades and…

Midterm Modular Lantern

Oct 22, 2013 by diazc090 // Leave a Comment

Used conductive thread to laser cut a modular lamp.  Pieces light when stacked and can either be one piece alone or packed as a portable light.  

Capacitive Sensor

Oct 8, 2013 by diazc090 // Leave a Comment

Light brightens when pressure is applied, fades when pressure is released. Blinks back to bright when pressed.  

Four Sensors

Sep 24, 2013 by diazc090 // Leave a Comment

  Conductive Thread   Resistant Thread   Conductive Ink, Resistant Graphite     Resistant Graphite

Paper Engineering

Sep 17, 2013 by diazc090 // Leave a Comment

Went for the hard paper folds, got the pre-folding decently down, but then didn’t quite get it to magically close up.     Round 2: Thought about easier folding, thought about gum chains and the interlocking: The Story: The paper chain closes to create a lock for holding secrets.  The light is the locking power….

Examples of CompCraft Tech

Sep 4, 2013 by diazc090 // Leave a Comment

These are some examples of technologies in computational craft I look forward to exploring: Conductive Ink To Make Sound Sticky Tape Sensors and if I can get my hands on it: Carbon Nanotube “Graphite” What intrigues me about these examples and computational craft in general is the ability to create dynamic interfaces that are very…