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Week 12 Slides

Nov 5, 2013 by Liza // Leave a Comment

*Remember to alter your heat circuit by adding the TIP120!* Circuit Code /* Flexinol PWM Tests Comp Craft MFADT Fall 2013 Connect to pin 3 Change the values in analogWrite() to control the amount of power the wire is getting. */ int flex = 3; void setup(){ pinMode(flex, OUTPUT); } void loop(){ analogWrite(flex,127); delay(500); analogWrite(flex,0);…

Week 7: Slides + Code

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SLIDES! Here is a link to the library you will need for today’s class:¬†

Week 6: Microcontroller WS Part 2 Slides + Assignment

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You can download here. CapSense Sketch: CapacitiveSensorSketch_LED Here is the code for this class. Here is the CapSenseLibrary. And finally, here is your assignment: 1) Make two capacitive sensors. Have one turn on an LED and one make some noise. 2) Come prepared to present your midterm concept. You should bring any inspiration, prototypes, drawings,…

Week 5 Slides: Microcontroller Workshop Part 1 (+ Diagrams)

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More Resources: >> Ohm’s Law + KVL >> Fritzing (to build wiring diagrams and schematics) Here are some wiring diagrams we went over in class about buttons and pull down/up resistors. Here is a super helpful button tutorial from Arduino. And remember: PULL DOWN to Ground :: Button pressed = LED on HIGH PULL UP…