Week 12 – Flexinol Trial

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  I made a circuit with flexinol wire that detects heat from Arduino. Copied the code into Arduino Uno and connected it to the circuit. The red paint on the paper was a thermochromic ink we studied in class. That color was supposed to be transparent when it got heat via flexinol wore. However, mine…


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My flexion project wasn’t go quite well. However I found that the interesting part of this project was folding technique. Since flexion allows you to create any form that is moveable. Folding technique is one of the options that might create an intestine result.               Using the board might cause…

ElectroPlush – Final Project

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For my final project, I wanted to explore the realm of plush toys and its effect on adults, I was curious to see if that effect could be duplicated on children. I was inspired by the uncanny valley, which is a hypothesis in the field of human aesthetics which holds that when human features look and…

Flexinol failed trial

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So my trial with flexinol was a fail. It is super difficult to work with knowing that it burns quickly. and I think this is the reason why mine did not work.    


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I can see and that is why I can be happy. In what you call the dark, but which to me is golden. – Helen Keller                Problem Blindness or visual impaired problem is not only a physical difficulty. The blind’s brain won’t receive the messages needed for sight. However, having…

final concept

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My project is more a commentary rather than a problem solving design project. 1) Amidst the Internet consumption that boomed significantly in our lives in the past recent decades, the power of Social Media has become an essential element for our survival as social beings. This whole new realm opened up a new means of…

Final Project – String Sing

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Concept For my final project I want to create an interactively created and played instrument, so the user can piece together the notes and chords they wish the instrument to play before they actively play it. The hope is to create something that not only has an interactive quality in terms of it producing sound…


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  Hi everyone! My final project is “Inner Vision : Fashion for The Blind”. My idea is that the blind can appreciate fashion and art. My goal is to help blind and visually impaired people dress fashionably and experience the visual world of fashion not only through our eyes but also through our hands. Case study…

part one of flexinol + thermochromic ink

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      When I got the brief, I immediately thought of using thermochromic ink for an awareness campaign about global warming. I thought of a campaign that would need the viewer to interact with, same way you would want people to interact with your cause. It is up to them to make a difference….

thermocromic ink

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    I experimented with different materials and different layers of both thermocromic ink and pigment. i found the color red the fastest to dissolve especially on thick materials such as fabric. the rest of the colors took forever to dissolve. I also noticed, the thicker the material the harder it is to dissolve.