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Hi everyone! My final project is “Inner Vision : Fashion for The Blind”.

My idea is that the blind can appreciate fashion and art. My goal is to help blind and visually impaired people dress fashionably and experience the visual world of fashion not only through our eyes but also through our hands.

Case study

I think it would be nice to see if there’s anyone has done this before. This is a tee for blind. Ironically, the message on the shirts reads, “Do Not Touch the Art”. But the art is not to be decoded unless it is touched. But I think there should be something more than that what if they can experience art themselves with their senses.

Also, want the attached the link below. there are many interesting design for the blind.



My design concept 

I have an idea of conveying visual images in accessible formats to visually impaired people. Integrated touch and sound are the significant part of this idea so they can perceive aesthetic with their hand and ear.


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Design sketches 

Here are my design sketches. The combination of hood and cloak input with speaker with speaker so they can have their own inner vision of fashion.

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