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My project is more a commentary rather than a problem solving design project.
Amidst the Internet consumption that boomed significantly in our lives in the past recent decades, the power of Social Media has become an essential element for our survival as social beings. This whole new realm opened up a new means of communication where people can connect and share information in a virtual environment, which became a world on its own. Social Media has become integrated with our identity to an extent that we started identifying ourselves with it. According to the Social identity theory, a person’s identity is directly related to our sense of belonging to a group. Therefore, the role of Social Media in our lives is no longer just a method of communication with family and friends but how we perceive ourselves as individuals.
As the cost of computers, software and Internet access have diminished; new media such as blogs, video sharing websites, and social networks have gained worldwide popularity.  Additionally, the Internet has provided a global platform where users can post their feelings, views and thoughts anonymously without being accountable for any consequences. I argue that Social Media acts as a veil which is capable of separating one’s physical body from digital identity.
2)I am proposing an interactive intervention, a performance act in public which will be a commentary about our dual identity and how we act differently on different platforms. I argue that social media acts like a veil where a person can be anonymous due to the absence of physical matter. the veil will have a QR code instead of a face and one a person scans it he or she will be directed to a chat server where they can post anonymously a secret. This post will be sent to the veil and will be heard out loud in a form of whispers to highlight the dual identity. The speakers will be made out of threads since some of the veils are ornamented, i will be mimicking the aesthetics with a function aspect to it.
3)i wanted the viewer to interact with it, and therefore think twice about perception and question how we present ourselves to the world. and How with the new means, a new layer is highlighted.
5)Photographer Shadi Ghadirian for example, used the veil to disrupt women’s status in Iran and their role in the society in her photographs. The Gallery Labeled the series as “Unveiled”, “depicting anonymous chador-wrapped figures with kitchen utensils instead of faces. This simple, ominous collision of potent symbols – the veil and domesticity –parodies stereotypical understanding of women of the region and universally.” Though, these images do not contain people in them, people immediately correlate the images to Muslim women, and the veil.
1)Thick conductive fabric

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