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For the midterm project, I want to create something that I have always been interested in which is a geometric form. I believe that geometry is a fundamental for every fields in art and design. The piece is a spirograph necklace with can be connected in many ways.   Inspiration The project is inspired by a…

Midterm Idea & Process

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For my midterm project, I would like to create a simple circuit without Arduino. I will make a simple lamp with soft circuit that operates with 3v batteries. My idea for midterm comes from my hobby and interest. Baseball is my favorite sports since I was young, and I often go to baseball stadium to…

Week 7: Slides + Code

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SLIDES! Here is a link to the library you will need for today’s class: https://github.com/damellis/attiny/archive/master.zip

Capacitive Sensors (Assignment 5)

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  I was trying to see how the copper paint would mix with the bear paint. It seems to be that you need 3 parts copper paint to 1 part bear. At that point I would rather just use a pigment paint. I will be looking into how to mix acrylic and copper paint. One…

Midterm idea..

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For my midterm I want to create a simple circuit that does not rely on the Arduino. I want the circuit to come alive once the “lamp” is assembled. I envision this to be kinda of a puzzle lamp for kids which they can assemble in order for it to turn on. My inspiration came…

Capacitive Sensor

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Light brightens when pressure is applied, fades when pressure is released. Blinks back to bright when pressed.  

Capacitive Sensors

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For this assignment I worked with Bear Conductive ink and copper tape (also copper textile) to create two versions of capactive sensors. Bear ink took at least 6 coats to work when mixed with water. I followed two tutorials for this: http://www.bareconductive.com/capacitance-sensor