Midterm idea..

Oct 8, 2013 by Carla // Leave a Comment

For my midterm I want to create a simple circuit that does not rely on the Arduino. I want the circuit to come alive once the “lamp” is assembled. I envision this to be kinda of a puzzle lamp for kids which they can assemble in order for it to turn on.

My inspiration came from a project called Salt’n pepper; wooden cut out elephant figures that when they touch each other, one of them lights up. I really like the idea of the whole circuit coming alive when two figures are combined, but what I really think would be an opportunity to explote on this, is the assembling part of them. If a figure consists of two parts, how can I design a circuit that when assembled, it creates a character by itself, but also makes itself shine. The assembling of cut out pieces I believe would be a great interaction to explore for this lamp project. Ive included pictures of toys that use this mechanism of assembling too as source for inspiration.



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