Millions of Cats (Assignment 2)

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“Millions of Cats is a picture bookwritten and illustrated by Wanda Gág in 1928. The book won a Newbery Honoraward in 1929, one of the few picture books to do so. Millions of Cats is the oldest American picture book still in print”(, Wikapedia, 2013). It was a book that my farther would read to me when I was a child. I…

Thermochromic Paint

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For the first iteration, I decided to spray a pint of thermochromic powder onto paper and glue, and see if the heating effect would still work; it did: Then, I used different color bases and different color thermochromic pigments to see what the entire CMYK would look like using thermochromic paint: I then decided to…

Experimenting with Sound

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In this assignment, I created 3 different speakers: two using copper tape and one using thread. I found copper tape to project a louder sound than thread.  

Week 10: Thermochromic Ink

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  I made five palettes with thermochronic inks. I mixed Thermochromic powder or ink with acrylic base and demonstrated on paper. 4 of 5 worked well when I put my hand on them. Only one with blue ink didn’t work at all. My inspiration came from here. Poster series by Amanda Keenan has a…

Week 9: Speaker

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  Made a speaker without any wires. Only used soft materials. By the way, my circuits still get hot and smell like burning when I connect them with 3v batteries. I wonder why it happens and I’m trying to figure out.

Speaker Test

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  My goal for this speaker was to create something as loud as I could, I used tracing paper as it was a thin enough material that I thought would produce the most vibrations. I also attempted to make my copper wire as tightly coiled as I could with a large surface area. I was…

Cap-sense Testing Homework

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    Capacity Sensor Test One : This testing was more about just getting the hardware and the code to work, I just used a penny to test out if my code was working correctly with the library.     Capacity Sensor Test Two: Here I connected two different sensors (A small wire “symbol” and…