Millions of Cats (Assignment 2)

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“Millions of Cats is a picture bookwritten and illustrated by Wanda Gág in 1928. The book won a Newbery Honoraward in 1929, one of the few picture books to do so. Millions of Cats is the oldest American picture book still in print”(, Wikapedia, 2013).

It was a book that my farther would read to me when I was a child. I ended up trying to summarize the whole book through this image especially the final part which says……………

photo (1) photo (2)

“Cats here, cats there,

Cats and kittens everywhere,
Hundreds of cats,
Thousands of cats,
Millions and billions and trillions of cats.

“But we can never feed them all,” said the very old woman, “They will eat us out of house and
“I never thought of that,’ said the very old man, “What shall we do?”
The very old woman thought for a while and then she said, “I know! I will let the cats decide
which one we should keep.”
“Oh yes,” said the very old man, and he called to the cats, “Which one of you is the prettiest?”
“I am!”
“I am!”
“No, I am!”
“No, I am the prettiest!” “I am!”
“No, I am! I am! I am! ” cried hundreds and thousands and millions and billions and trillions of
voices, for each cat thought itself the prettiest.
And they began to quarrel.

They bit and scratched and clawed each other
and made such a great noise that the very old
man and the very old woman ran into the house
as fast as they could. They did not like such
quarrelling. But after a while the noise stopped
and the very old man and the very old woman
peeped out of the window to see what had
happened. They could not see a single cat.

“I think they must have eaten each other all up,” said the very old woman, “It’s too bad!”
“But look!” said the very old man, and he pointed to a bunch of high grass. In it sat one
little frightened kitten. They went out and picked it up. It was thin and scraggly.”



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