Week 12 Slides

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*Remember to alter your heat circuit by adding the TIP120!* Circuit Code /* Flexinol PWM Tests Comp Craft MFADT Fall 2013 Connect to pin 3 Change the values in analogWrite() to control the amount of power the wire is getting. */ int flex = 3; void setup(){ pinMode(flex, OUTPUT); } void loop(){ analogWrite(flex,127); delay(500); analogWrite(flex,0);…

Nitinol Projects

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Shutters Project by Marcelo Coelho Robotany project by Jill Coffin, John Taylor, and Daniel Bauen I/O Self-Folding Paper by Jie Qi Animated Vines by Jie Qi Shape-Changing Surface by Alice Bodanzky


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Hi everyone! I had so much fun thermochromic ink this week and want to share the experience with all of you.   1. Red thermochromic powder + yellow acrylic paint  / Time : 1 mins I thought it would be fun to make a texture of thermochromic power. That was quite successful. You can see the pigment…


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   I have used copper tape for my first speaker on tracing paper. and the second one is made of thread on tracing paper. the third one is bare paint with copper paint but it didnt work. i felt that both the thread and copper tape gave the same outcome.

Week 10 Assignment

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Experiment with thermochromic ink! 1) Create *at least* 5 swatches and document the following for each: > Pigment/Base Ratio > Type of base you are using (e.g. Binder, Paint, Base, Nali polish, etc) > Length of time to turn transparent (You do not need to measure exactly – estimate to give us an idea) >…


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Hi everyone! I made three variations of paper speaker with different thickness of paper sheets and spiral forms to see how they work. This is the result! Material : three types of paper (with different thickness)/copper tape 1. Paper thickness : high / copper spiral density : high This is is loudest speaker of all…