Week 10 Assignment

Oct 30, 2013 by Liza // Leave a Comment

Experiment with thermochromic ink!

1) Create *at least* 5 swatches and document the following for each:
> Pigment/Base Ratio
> Type of base you are using (e.g. Binder, Paint, Base, Nali polish, etc)
> Length of time to turn transparent (You do not need to measure exactly – estimate to give us an idea)
> Substrate (Paper (how thick is it?), fabric, etc)
> Application (Did you use a brush, silkscreen, etc)

2) Find and post (separate from the above) at least one project using thermochromic ink that inspires you. Think about why it inspires you, the type of interaction between users, and other scenarios you might use this technique or interaction in for a short discussion.

AND – if you find any resources in your journey, please post them!

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