Assignment 3 : Switch

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These lamps are ment to hang in a room with at least 30 others at different heights. Thy are designed with a battery, LED and magnet. As a person hits into the paper lamp or swings it the magnet snaps closed (turns on) the lamp. The magnet acts as a switch. Ideally if this were…

Arduino Hook Up and Inclosed (Assignment 6)

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  This light includes two bell peppers, one photo cell sensor , two led’s and an Arduino. I attempted to create a light that would emulate calmness and one that was anxious. The calm yellow pepper would be able to help you breath and keep calm while the other one represents anxiety in the level…

Midterm Documentation : Sacred and Profane

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The terms sacred and profane comes from Emile Durkheim who was a french sociologist. He wrote a book called the sacred and the profane in which he examined how the dichotomy between the sacred and profane are central characteristics to religion. He said “religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to¬†sacred things,…

Midterm Modular Lantern

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Used conductive thread to laser cut a modular lamp. ¬†Pieces light when stacked and can either be one piece alone or packed as a portable light.  

Midterm Lamp

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For my midterm I wanted to create a piece that would lid up because of its part being assembled. My concept was to create a sort of toy that kids could assemble when going to bed and work as a night light. The circuit is completed when the legs are put into place. As the…