Midterm Assignment (due 10/15)

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Create a lamp using the set of tools (materials and processes) we have used over the course of the semester. I want to see you push yourselves both conceptually and on your use of materials. The design can be simple, but I want to see real thought behind all of the decisions you make. Constraints:…

Week 6: Microcontroller WS Part 2 Slides + Assignment

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You can download here. CapSense Sketch: CapacitiveSensorSketch_LED Here is the code for this class. Here is the CapSenseLibrary. And finally, here is your assignment: 1) Make two capacitive sensors. Have one turn on an LED and one make some noise. 2) Come prepared to present your midterm concept. You should bring any inspiration, prototypes, drawings,…

HMW 4 – first arduino connection

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For this project how was thinking of “surprise” and immediately thought of a camera for toddlers to interact with. I really wanted to learn how to work with felt, so it was my first experience working with the material and found it incredibly soothing! I enjoyed working this material and the conductive thread was amazing…

HMW 2 – paper puppet

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      For this assignment I decided to create out of paper a puppet that could lid up. The circuit completes itself when the dragon closes his mouth, allowing for the cooper tape to make contact with the battery, hence completing the circuit.


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Technique : Fade Mood : calm / relaxing How can this be applied – sleep aid machine – spa lighting – meditation source :¬†okanokumo experimental design with different music piano slow beat  

WEEK 3: Sensors!

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I made 3 different sensors for this assignment. 1. Motion Detector sensor: by joining safety pins (which are conductive due to their metallic matter), the movement gradually detaches the circuit and the light dims down as the movement increases. When the movement stops, the metals are joined together again, and the LED lights back up:…