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For the midterm project, I want to create something that I have always been interested in which is a geometric form. I believe that geometry is a fundamental for every fields in art and design. The piece is a spirograph necklace with can be connected in many ways.



The project is inspired by a spirograph which is a geometric drawing toy. I like that it starts from a very basic line and curve but when you combine all the lines together with repetition technique, the result would be alway surprising. Also, It allows the form to gradient in many ways.

Screen Shot 2556-10-15 at 3.37.21 PM  23.photoshop-vector-brushes


Design Process

It started from a basic forms of circle and oval. Then, I twist a 4 degree angle in each one. I made a design sketch in illustrator and then use laser cutter to make the final piece. The material is a clear plexiglass sheet.

Screen Shot 2556-10-15 at 4.35.43 PMspiro draft-01

Design Sketches



I create a basic parallel circuit with copper tape and 5mm blue LEDs. The used a connection between each unit form as a switch. The complete circuit is made of the combination between two layers of the unit form. When you separate the form, the light will not be lit up. I put magnets between the joints to make it attach to the right point and make the circuit connect better.


How it works

The combination of every unit form illustrates a laser-liked line  from the LEDs. The necklace allows users to connect the unit forms in many ways and create their own customised shape of jewellery.


The Final Product


Screen Shot 2556-10-15 at 4.16.55 PM





Some of the laser cut machines in the E-403 lab are operated by a blue line for cutting but the information given in the website and the workshop is a red line. So make sure with the laser cutter machine you use before start doing it.



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