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Final Project: Self-portrait (Video Clips)


Finally, my paper garment is connected to a brain wave sensor.

In this semester, I focused on materials and power tests. Originally, I wanted to connect a Pulse sensor. But, I realized that I needed to figure out more specifically emotions and human vital sensors. So, I tried to test out a Neurosky of the meditation Journal that could be concentrated on myself. In this part, Birce and Fito supported me fully. (Thanks a lot, guys! I really appreciate your help! <3 <3 <3 :))

The threshold of Neurosky was 50. If the number goes above 50 with the electric current, the colors show up black to bright ones. If cooling down, they are covered by black colors again.

Final Project: Self-portrait

1. Concept

My thesis project, Self-portrait is an experimental interactive wearable paper garment for performance, which uses thermochromic pigments, soft circuits, and Arduino connected to my vital signs such as heartbeats or brainwaves.

My concept is all about self-esteem, self-portrait, aesthetic emotions, and human connection. I express my internal feelings and emotions in front of audiences through the garment which means to reveal my true self as the second body instead of myself sealing, faking or hiding behind the technology. Ultimately, I aim to find ways to reach healing moments with audiences through empathy.

2. Inspiration

1) Probes; Skin Dresses by Philips Design (2006)


2) The Ger Mood Sweater by Sensoree


3) Documentation

We might feel LEDs bring out more aesthetic qualities. However, I realized LEDs connected to sensors exist already and are no longer attractive to me. So, I followed another line of inquiry like thermochromic pigment for my thesis prototypes.

I made 10copies of the heating circuits for lower power and longer threads.


 Then, I set up chipboard on a dress form. I painted 4 different colors on thin papers.

On the first layer, I painted on normal acrylic colors and on the second layer, I covered thermo ink. When heating up, the bottom layer showed up.


4) Final Scene

I will upload a video version soon. Thank you.


Week 9 – Material Hunt – Grace

1. Basketweave – Plynyl

One of the oldest and simplest of weaving constructions. But it has been substituted with petroleum-based plasticizers in this innovative new yarn to make it soft.


2. Bear Grass – 3Form

Very interesting material. This could be used for floor or to decorate wall to create a natural atmosphere. This material used natural products as a decorative interlayer which may change its appearance over time. Even more interesting.

20141021_192226 20141021_192340

3. Aearo – E.A.R

This material is used for ear plug, which is very soft. Its highly damping and isolation features effectively control impact noise and vibration.


Week 11 – Thermochromic Ink – Group

I teamed with Xiaofeng Lin in this thermochromic ink experiment.

We decided to test out with different ingredients in these little squares. Ingredients are marked aside.


We then heated it up and found out only Blue left, and whichever square without Blue in it disappeared.

We sewed conductive thread in each of the square and wanted to know if the circuit can bear this length of resistance.


It turned out only two rows of conductive thread worked, and three rows failed. The squares in the second row that didn’t work quite well may be too thick when we painted.


We measured the resistance of three rows and calculated how many resistance this circuit can bear to heat up.


[Final] Wearable Blocks

Children are always active and curious, everything is worth exploring with all of their senses. Wearable blocks are playful toys that can enhance children’s communication, develop their sensory system and give them a chance to play with diversity behaviors.

Sew the magnets inside the conductive fabric, so that blocks can stick on it. The mechanism is that every block has a battery inside, copper tape is used for connecting LED and battery. When the block touch the conductive materials, the electric circuit will be connected, and LED will light up. While the block detach the conductive materials, LED will light off.

final - wearable blocks.001final - wearable blocks.002final - wearable blocks.003final - wearable blocks.004final - wearable blocks.005

My instructables:

Rusalka Headdress

I made this  Rusalka Headdress and here is the instructable!

The Leaf Faerie Headdress is inspired by the Russian Rusalka Myth. Rusalka came out of the water in the spring to transfer life-giving moisture to the fields and thus helped nurture the crop. However, Rusalka had a dark side, and if you came to close to the river, they might drown you. The headdress transforms from a whimsical and magical garland to an eerie glowing headdress in the dark. Much like the light and dark of the Rusalka.