[Final] Wearable Blocks

Children are always active and curious, everything is worth exploring with all of their senses. Wearable blocks are playful toys that can enhance children’s communication, develop their sensory system and give them a chance to play with diversity behaviors.

Sew the magnets inside the conductive fabric, so that blocks can stick on it. The mechanism is that every block has a battery inside, copper tape is used for connecting LED and battery. When the block touch the conductive materials, the electric circuit will be connected, and LED will light up. While the block detach the conductive materials, LED will light off.

final - wearable blocks.001final - wearable blocks.002final - wearable blocks.003final - wearable blocks.004final - wearable blocks.005

My instructables: http://www.instructables.com/id/Wearable-Blocks/

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