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[Final] Wearable Blocks

Children are always active and curious, everything is worth exploring with all of their senses. Wearable blocks are playful toys that can enhance children’s communication, develop their sensory system and give them a chance to play with diversity behaviors.

Sew the magnets inside the conductive fabric, so that blocks can stick on it. The mechanism is that every block has a battery inside, copper tape is used for connecting LED and battery. When the block touch the conductive materials, the electric circuit will be connected, and LED will light up. While the block detach the conductive materials, LED will light off.

final - wearable blocks.001final - wearable blocks.002final - wearable blocks.003final - wearable blocks.004final - wearable blocks.005

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[Midterm] Lamp – 灯

For my midterm lamp project, the inspiration came from the traditional Chinese words. The shape of Chinese words are special and beautiful. So my lamp is a Chinese word “lamp” shape. It can be not only a unity of function and shape, but also an interface of cultural communication.


The function of this lamp is that it is portable, wearable and foldable. The target users should be people who want to read while camping or other place outside the room, but who have no hand to hold a big lamp.

IMG_0646 IMG_0657


[Week 3] Switches

1. Idea Hat – Hey, I have an idea!


When we got an idea, we’d like to show a light bulb over our head. So… idea hat is design for a group meeting, if someone got an great idea, he could wear the hat.

IMG_9717 IMG_9720

Here is the hat, with a red led on it. When you wear it, the led will light up.

2. Colorful Guitar – You have a light gadget on your guitar? Cool

IMG_9871 IMG_9872

In a music show performance, you would like to hear great music, also see cool things in visual. Colorful Guitar has LEDs on it, when you play it, LEDs will light up.

3. True Love Ring – Look! How sweet the couple are.


[Week 2] Illustration

“But eyes are blind, you have to look with the heart.”  —- The Little Prince

glasses function

People could see things through this glasses, and it could change different colors of light. The illustration of a rhino which colored with red, green, blue. The different color light from RGB glasses could control by Arduino, when people try to see the illustration through RGB glasses, the rhino’s head and tails are moving, because of light’s color changing. It’s like a gif picture of an animation. That means you look by your eye, you could not see the rhino, you could only see something not make sense, but when you look with your glasses, you could find magical.  


[Week 2] In class parallel circuits

In class parallel circuits, Xiaofeng and I work together to create.

First one is normal circuits, using coper tape and electric cloth.


The second one we try to use water as the conductor, the coper tape not enclose totally in the left side, we try to let water connect them. The LED finally showed faint light.


[Week 1] Inspiration

The project called PATCH OF SKY excited me. It is a a set of three Internet connected ambient lights, enabling users to share the sky above them in real-time with loved ones, wherever they are. Each object gathers weather information based on users’ current Facebook location and displays it with colored light animations. Patch of Sky could be a silent companion, that will tell users about the sky and world they are living in, while away. 

01_Patch-of-Sky_Sunny     07_Patch-of-Sky_Technology_l