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Week 12 Slides: Heat + Motion

How-To: Work with Shape-Memory Alloy by Jie Qi, SMA Queen (MAKE)

SMA Smocking

1. Work with a partner/group to experiment with different substrates, methods for movement, and thermochromic ink using PWM on the Arduino.

2. Keep a running list of strengths and weaknesses of the flexinol.

3. Document 3 of your findings in a group blog post.

4. Come prepared to present your final project concept to a small group next class. Please bring any precedents/inspiration and 2-3 prototypes. Prototypes include storyboards, sketches, physical objects, user scenarios, etc.

Week 5 Slides

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.47.54 PM

Here are the *updated* slides from this week. Please note that to keep things simple, we will only be dealing with pull-up resistors. For further learning around this check out these sites from Make, Sparkfun, and Berkley.