Final Project: Self-portrait

1. Concept

My thesis project, Self-portrait is an experimental interactive wearable paper garment for performance, which uses thermochromic pigments, soft circuits, and Arduino connected to my vital signs such as heartbeats or brainwaves.

My concept is all about self-esteem, self-portrait, aesthetic emotions, and human connection. I express my internal feelings and emotions in front of audiences through the garment which means to reveal my true self as the second body instead of myself sealing, faking or hiding behind the technology. Ultimately, I aim to find ways to reach healing moments with audiences through empathy.

2. Inspiration

1) Probes; Skin Dresses by Philips Design (2006)


2) The Ger Mood Sweater by Sensoree


3) Documentation

We might feel LEDs bring out more aesthetic qualities. However, I realized LEDs connected to sensors exist already and are no longer attractive to me. So, I followed another line of inquiry like thermochromic pigment for my thesis prototypes.

I made 10copies of the heating circuits for lower power and longer threads.


 Then, I set up chipboard on a dress form. I painted 4 different colors on thin papers.

On the first layer, I painted on normal acrylic colors and on the second layer, I covered thermo ink. When heating up, the bottom layer showed up.


4) Final Scene

I will upload a video version soon. Thank you.


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