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Week 5: Heart illusion black box


For this assignment, i wanted to create a cliche symbol of heart using one LED to put the spectator in an obscure moment. It depends on the spectator to change his/her perception to see the heartbeat visual on the paper or just focus on the LED’s blinks from a small hole which is situated the front of the box.  With time, heart beats speed up, to represent the excitement.

Light illusion black box is made with Lilypad, one LED, paper, square box, black tape(to cover the square box), 2 short alligator clips.

For the heart reflection, i cut a rectangular paper. I fold it. Then, i put the paper under the LED to create the heart beat visual.

photo 1 (25)photo 3 (10)photo 3 (11)photo 4 (7)photo 2 (21)



week4 homework- BirceEzgiJuno


We decided to give a try to use AGIC Silver Ink Master as a conductor to make a pressure sensor. So we paint the square papers with using silver ink for the conductivity. We use sponge as nonconductive material to give the sense of pressure. What we realize is that once we start to press the sponge, led lights up. The only thing changes the led’s brightness is that how we squeeze the battery.

Ps: AGIC Silver Ink works perfectly!!!

photo 1 (19) photo 2 (19)photo (26)photo 5 (10)


2nd prototype

After realizing the brightness is changing depending on how we squeeze the battery.

We decided the use this pcb battery holder(which I found on Maker Faire) and i stick the battery really tight. In that, this time we don’t have to squeeze the battery to have a more bright LED.

photo 1 (20)

photo 2 (20)



Week 3- Switches Assignment

Blow switch: Once the user starts to blow the piece, it lights up with the action.

photo 2 (17)

Pinwheel switch: Once the user press/touch inside pinwheel, it lights up.

photo 4 (6) photo 3 (9)

Paper lamp switch: Once the user put the paper lamp on the bare conductive circuit, it lights up.

photo 5 (8)

photo (25)

Birce Ozkan -Yin Yang Necklace -Week2


Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 2.20.15 PM

Abhinyana is a Buddhist monk who provides the teachings of Buddha for everyone with the purpose of helping them get rid of their suffering and achieve happiness. The text below is a page from his book ” Just a Thought”.  I think it is really important to understand our negative qualities, embrace them and generate some positive outcomes.  So, i decided to make a YinYang necklace to make remember those moments to the user. Whenever the user experiences some unexpected negative moments, the necklace keeps remember the user to trust life and negative things can give a birth to unexpected beautiful new experiences. Also, the wearer can light up the necklace depending on how he/she feels and use the LED on the sides of Yin&Yang as a symbol to show his/her state of mind.

The other interesting thing I realized during the research about Yin Yang is that the circle represent the interaction of two energies, called “yin” (black) and “yang” (white), which cause everything to happen. They are not completely black or white, just as things in life are not completely black or white, and they cannot exist without each other. So, a circuit is a path that electrical current flows through. So, if there is no ground, there is no electrical flow and same for vice versa. We can use “Yin Yang” as a representation to show that the electrical flow cannot exist without each other



Starting from a building parallel circuit using 2 LEDS:

photo 2 (14)

After that i decided to use conductive threads to build the circuit:

photo 1 (13)

I cut the materials to give the circular shape of Yin Yang and cover the circle shaped circuits with circular shaped materials:

photo 5 (6)

Also, i used conductive tape to create some switches depending on which side the wearer wants to light up:

photo 2 (15)

photo 2 (16)photo 3 (7)

And then i hot glued the yin yang circuit with a chain:

photo 1 (15)photo 5 (5)

Also, one of my friends wore the necklace and pressed the right(Yang) and the left side(Yin) to light up her emotional states:

photo 5 (7) photo 3 (8)