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blink blink – Joselyn & Nicole Final

For our final, we submitted the blink blink building circuits guide which walks blink blink makers through an introduction to circuits and how to build 4 arts, crafts, and fashion projects with the blink blink kit (i.e. soft-circuits and electronics). Below are some images from the tutorial -

blink blink - Creative Circuit Guide & Kitblink blink - Creative Circuit Guide & Kitblink blink - Creative Circuit Guide & Kitblink blink - Creative Circuit Guide & Kit   blink blink - Creative Circuit Guide & Kit blink blink - Creative Circuit Guide & Kit

We are going to post 4 instructables over the next month.  You find the first one on how to make DIY Light-up Tassel decorations here.  Future post can be found on our make it page at

Alien translator(FINAL!!)



My concept for the final was to create something with sound + speaker. I was interested in alien and monster at the time, so I thought, what if I make the sound as an alien sound? so the person is hearing an alien sound and be able to translate? This got me to start the project. (drawing in the middle)

so I came up with an idea of alien sound generator. I introduced as an alien language translator, but I guess right now, “alien sound generator” is more fittable with my project.

I was thinking of the movie “minority report,” so my initial plan was to make 360 plastic board and have copper-taped patterns so you can read by having a magnet nearby..



make an alien sound generator, design will be mysterious and secret-looking.



it’s for everyone who are interested experiencing alien sounds.

my ultimate goal was to have a glove that has a magnet on the palm and wave the copper-taped pattern so that people can hear the sound by just waving their hands onto the pattern.

IMG_0763 IMG_0784 IMG_0766 IMG_0782 IMG_0786


The result is different than what I initially planned, but it came out good. I used the black-colored form board so it looks mysteriously. Also, I made the panels replaceable so you could read and hear the sound with different visuals.






my PDF ! the one that I showed in class (adjusted + added pics)



Final Project – PatPet – Xinhe

(Link to Instructable)


PatPet is an emotional pillow that reacts to our behaviors. Just like how pets interact with us.


It has three emotional status: calm (sleepy), cheerful and angry.


When we do nothing with it, its blue breath light will turn on and off.


When we pat it gently, it will be happy and shake a little bit with light turned green.


However, if you hit it really hard, it will keep trembling for a while and turn red.

IMG_20141101_113426 IMG_20141102_154302

The initial idea come from my experience of taking care of my friend’s cat for two weeks. She is a super sweet cat, and made me feel so healing when she lay on my legs. Since I am not able to have my own pet, it will be a good idea to have an object that acts like one, and still have some healing effect.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 7.16.43 PM

One of the most relevant precedents is the My Beating Heart pillow designed by Yury Gitman. However, I feel it is missing some playfulness and interactions with us. PatPet will have a little bit characteristic and make us treat it as a living creature.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 11.33.42 PM

Above are some key materials and components I used for making PatPet.


Work in progress…


And here is PatPet’s final look!



Thank you for all these happy classes we spent together! Enjoy the winter break!