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[Final] heat sensitive wristbands- Juno

For the final, I was thinking to make something out of my interests. I actively participate into music venues and shows which involve with not only music but also other elements of making a  memorable show. I use the materials I learn from this class and try to create a few and see how it works.


Comp Craft



Midterm – Lamp

MGROTH_20140624_017 Ukraine-flag


The idea of the heartbeat lamp comes from my visit of Jeff Koons exhibition at Whitney Museum and the story of my friends from Ukraine.

Photo Oct 13, 19:34:31 Photo Oct 13, 22:31:06

The piece can be read as a representative of the potential of Ukraine. Power and hope are always there.

Inspiration (Week1)

Oncle Sam Popcorn Machine

Oncle Sam

I am always interested in small objects and the little details attached. This popcorn making machine focus on one corn kernel each time. Heat up the kernel with the right amount of the oil, wait for a few time, season the popcorn with a little bit of salt. In this case, you will avoid the alarming amount of fat and calories unlike the cinema popcorn. To me, it is an observation of how human activities change an object into another form, the processing of designing, objet d’art.