Week 5 Assignment


I identify myself as 

  •  learner: I’m always ready to learn. Self-development flourishes my life.
  •  artist: I have painted and drawn for over twenty years and taught art for ten years.
  • craftsperson: I became a craftperson when I was 10 years old. I made my own binder with hard cover for my diary many times and gave my friend the covers for their birthday. At the first work, I wasn’t saticfied with my cover, because it wasn’t a good looking. Through trials and errors I made better quality covers.
  • maker: I have a huge tool box in my hometown. I wish I can bring it to here. I enjoy cooking. I care process of cooking, taste and presentation of food.  When I have homework I try different  methods to fufill the assignment by making something to show.
  • designer, researcher : I majored in product design. I made furniture and products in college years. It was really fun and rewarding when I saw finished work and used them! but physically I was really worn out. Research is the integral method that help rationalize your design. I am not a good researcher but I try to be.  I’m in a moment of flow whenever I paint and draw, and make something. 
  •  What is your favorite tool and why? Pens and pencils. I love drawing with thin and thick lines becasue it gives me a sense of freedom of expression and a feeling of contentment like from the article what people feel when crafting something. I can own and reinforce the memory of the moment that I captured. That’s why I have drawn and painted over twenty years.
  • Bully+Web4Scan 14Scan 16 9.59.58 AMReflect on your experience learning a new craft (both independently and from other people in class) and teaching it to other people : I absorb a new craft well either indepentently or from other people. It is dynamic between other people and I is what shapes my disposition to learn a new craft. Interacting with others helps me learn better and faster because I use a sense of hearing and sight while looking at what other people do. Also, I can ask questions when I am stuck with some part. I can get constructive feedbacks and more information from other people who have more experience than me. I absolutly learn a new skill better when I teach it to others. As I teach people a new skill, I have to be knowledgeable with it so as to give the best instruction to them. Later, because of the effort to deliver it, the skill become a part of me.
  • What did you like about the process? I liked the moment when I started making an actual shape, for example, with just a worsted weight yarn and niddle after struggling how to croche for quite a bit of time.  “I’m getting there!!”
  • What was frustrating? When I repeat the same work that is necessary to master a new skil!!
  • What insight did you gain?  be patience and persistance then it will pay you off!


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