I am a designer, artist, storyteller, maker, craftsperson who is not only keen to solve problems but also create problems. I respect my occupation and the designers who care about their works and enjoy polish details.

Except for my Apple mouse and Apple keyboard, my favorite tool is the very cheap and common ball pen. When I design, draw or think, I always sketch on paper at the very beginning. Sketching on paper gives me magic and inspiration. I can’t think when facing my computer. That makes me sick and dizzy. I feel freedom when I sketch. When I feel depressed or anxious, sketching on paper also help me relax.

For learning the new crafts, I feel I like the handmade process, although they’re time consuming. The most frustrating thing is that I can’t use command + z anymore. That’s why I still love to use computer… But I like the handmade looks. They are so natural. For weaving, I may change the process a bit. Maybe combine with knitting to make some more stereo looks.

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