Isabella_Reflection_(Week 5)

I always find it hard when someone asks me to classify myself in a career field. I constantly see myself in several and often all these overlap each other. So I try to not pay too much attention on what category I am or to judge my work but always keep doing and let the viewer classify the work I do however they want to. I believe classifying the work is easier and more specific, instead of classifying the person. The person is so complex that whatever he or she is, there is always more to it. At this moment I would say that I identify myself as an artist. An artist who is a designer, maker, storyteller, researcher, who is learning how to code and to become an educator. I choose an artist as my main category due that to my past experience classifying myself like this has given me the more freedom to express myself and to let my work be whatever it wants to be.

My favorite tool at the moment is my burgundy mechanical pencil. I enjoy so much how precise and graceful it is. It gives me the sense that all my thoughts can come out easier through this pencil. Also, its strong point helps me open, bend and manipulate different materials whenever I don’t have any other tools!

Sometimes I am very impatient and whenever this is the case, learning a craft becomes very stressful. It doesn’t matter if I’m by myself or with other people. Somehow I get the idea that I “should” be able to learn a craft very easily and therefore when I’m not I do not enjoy the process. The times that I have been able to slow myself down and notice the details of the craft and my hands working with it, are the times that I’m not even paying attention about the final look of the product but at the process of it and it is when I enjoy my time and I learn so much more than I expected about the craft and about my abilities. I think teaching a craft to someone else takes time, patient, the ability to listen and understand the other person. It is very much like having a clear open communication with another person and it is not always easy. In order to teach a craft one does not have to assume anything about the person but come at it with an intent to pass information and enjoy the time together.

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