Reflection (Week_05)

I am a designer who loves sketching, drawing, making things, and conceptual thinking. My background is in graphic design, but I’ve always wanted to be an artist, and called myself an artist until I was an undergraduate. I know there is no strict boundary between art and design, but I think I became a designer because I had more opportunities to do practical designs in the aspect of business rather than expressing my feelings, emotions, and philosophy in design. I think I found that I enjoy doing practical designs to solve some problems or to create useful services, packaging, and products for people’s better life. I like helping people with creative designs. I believe that creative designs make people happy and help make their life better. That is why I love design and I identify as a designer.

My favorite tool is scissors because I can create anything that I didn’t expect, and it gives me a feeling of freedom and pressure at the same time. The reason I feel this way is because scissors are a very simple tool but it is never a easy tool because it is dangerous sometimes. The most interesting thing about scissors is that if I cut something with scissors, then I cannot go back to the beginning. It is a simple tool but should be used carefully. It makes me think twice about everything before doing something.

I really enjoyed learning a different craft last week. I think sharing skills by demonstrating and active hands-on was a very effective way to learn various new crafts quickly. I never knew there was a variety of fun hands-on crafting if I were not taking this class. It was fun and I also enjoyed taking orientation for wood working with my group. I wanted to try wood working before but I haven’t had the chance to do this because I mostly work with my laptop, even though I love making things, but thanks to this class I made it. Teaching what I’ve experienced was satisfying, but It was a shame that I couldn’t push more to do this for others because wood working was really fun. I liked active hands-on craft processes but the only thing I was frustrated about was that I couldn’t follow crocheting… I need more time practicing to get familiar with it.

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