Soft circuitry poetry

My final project will be a sound piece consisting of several soft circuit speakers. Each speaker will play a stanza of a poem called Loteria. Loteria  is a Mexican game of chance, similar to bingo, but using images on a deck of cards instead of plain number on ping pong balls. In the poem, each stanza is dedicated to one image from the Loteria. For the project, I will be building one speaker for each stanza. The materials that I will choose for each speaker will go accordingly to the image and what is saying in the stanza. I am not sure yet if the speakers will all be hanging similar to a clothesline where the person would walk alongside to hear the sound or if each speaker will be a separate unit that the person will be able to pick up or get close to it.



Excerpt of Poem:

La Pera

I watched a man choke on a pear,
and hoped for 6 or 7 minutes
that someone else would help him.

El Músico

The guitar was called Mojave.
It had 10 strings with 4 broken.
The perfect sound to reverberate against
an audience of sand.

La Muerte

As a sickly child chillin in a hospital bed, I realized that Seben-Ahp y caldo we’re no longer suitable stalling tactics.

–  Contours – MAK Interactive Sound Tapestry

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