Final Proposal

I am interested in creating an interactive sound installation in which users can listen to multiple perspectives on one topic that others have left and then record their own perspectives as well. Users will respond to a specified topic.

The piece will have three different speakers made by me that the user will need to get very close to. There will be two buttons with each speaker, one “listen” button that allows the user to listen to a randomized perspective and a record button that allows them to record their own experience and add it to the grouping of perspectives. The speaker will be soft and will require the user to get up close to it to hear it, making it a very intimate experience.

IMG_3606 (1)

Speaker and Button Setup

General Idea of Installation Setup

General Idea of Installation Setup

One precedent is “Subway Stories” which allows a user to “navigate through a subway car” through sound and hear what the different people are thinking during their journey.

And another is called “Life in Transition” in which Asian women that have emigrated to England for work shared stories about their experience living in a new and unfamiliar place.

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