Midterm – Sign – Grace


I’ve been having this problem for long: if the bathroom sign is hang on the door and the door is open, I don’t know which direction it points. Sometimes I can’t even see the sign from certain angles.

doorClose doorOpen doorOpen2

Also, I’m having a hard time recognizing some 2D signs which share the same meaning but look differently. There are also directions that 2D signs are hard to represent. sign [Concept]

To solve my problems above, I decided to make a sign lamp that can easily change its pointing directions in a 3D space using basic soft circuitry.


The lamp includes two part: the base lamp and arrow lamp.

Benefit 1: Simple click to change directions

IMG_0865 IMG_0866 IMG_0868

Benefit 2: Change dimension easily when needed

IMG_0872 IMG_0883

Benefit 3: Point to directions that are not easily represented in 2D signs IMG_0874 [Challenge]

1. How to make both parts light up when snapped.

2. How to design layers of circuit so that it works in four sides of the arrow lamp.


Want to know more about how I designed the soft circuit? Check out my Instructables!

Below is a video documentation of this project:

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